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We offer a premium mobile Car Wash service in the Sutherland Shire!

Mobile Car Wash Sutherland Shire.

As Mobile Detailers, we carry out at home car detailing services all over the St George Area, Sutherland Shire and most parts of Sydney.


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Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

What our customers say

  • Wow, it will be much easier to sell now. Thanks for all the effort and attention to detail!
    — Julie G. – Cronulla
  • Looks fantastic, I didn't realise how much time and effort was involved in detailing
    — Corrine – Gymea Bay
  • On time. And perfect job. Even got out a swirl the last guy couldn’t get. Black is a hard colour. Will definitely use again.
    — Brad K. – Brighton Le Sands
  • The car looks better than it did off the showroom, highly recommended!
    — Hasin H. – Arncliffe
  • "OMG! It looks like new... thank you so much"
    — Kathy M. -Bangor

Proven Techniques

Shire Car Detailing uses proven techniques for all of our at home car detailing service, deep-cleaning, correction and protection processes to ensure we consistently achieve optimal results.

Product & Equipment

No corners are cut when we select the products and equipment that we use every day for our at home car detailing service. We carefully test and choose our products based on intended outcome not based on price.

Exceptional Results

Exceptional results are achieved when proven technique is combined with the highest quality products and equipment. Shire Car Detailing will make your car look its best.

When searching for your nearest car wash please consider the following…

Local Car Wash vs Premium Mobile Car Detailing

Many people get confused while trying to differentiate between a premium car detail and a local car wash. Some individuals believe that getting a vehicle for a car wash service is similar to getting it for a professional mobile car detailing service. However, there is a big difference between these two car maintenance services. Since both of them entails cleaning your car, realizing their key is not simple thus it needs some detailed explanation.

Local Car Wash

When it comes to a car wash service, we can generally define it to the situation where you drive your car drive through a tunnel or get it automatically pulled by a track where water, soap as well as brushes are used to clean it. The workers use a giant blow dryer or a towel while doing drying tasks to your car.

Some of the car cleaners also provide interior services which are done after the cleaning task; either on a conveyor belt in a different place or front of the cleaning facility. Interior tasks usually comprise of a quick wipe down and vacuum of interior surfaces.

The car wash cleaning process produces a fairly clean vehicle at a considerable cost. The primary issue with this service is that it’s not thoroughly performed and this tunnel cleaning might damage the paint on your car.

This is because cheap car wash services can leave swirls and scratches in your car’s paint. Sometimes, the scrubbing brushes applied to your car might not be adequately cleaned. For instance, if the vehicle that was washed before yours had just came from a sandy beach trip, or has general grim and dirt accumulation, some dirt or sand might have been left in these brushes and can scratch your car’s paint.

Besides, these damages can occur during the drying process. Usually, while drying, the employees at the end utilize the same towel for your car as for vehicle before thus giving chances for cross-contamination which can leave a residue on your car.

In case these towels are dirty or are contaminated by particles from the wheels or any other dirty surfaces, they might result in damage. Although these kinds of issues might not be familiar with every car wash, I regularly notice it on some customer’s vehicles. If you care about the look of your car, a cheap car wash is far to meet or even exceed your desired expectations.

Premium Mobile Car Detailing

However, for quality services that will perfectly fulfill your desire and match your need, you need to use a premium mobile car detailing service which is different, and ensures that you receive a lot of benefits which satisfy your need.

When you have your car detailed by a mobile auto detailing company or service provider, the experts will clean it by hand. Every part of your vehicle will be carefully cleaned while gently scrubbing it using their hands. Also, tires, wheel wells, as well as the wheels will be carefully washed by hand. Without touching any other section of your car, the paint will be gently dried using quality towels. Upon choosing car detailing service, the paint will either be polished or hand waxed after which a machine polisher will be used to seal it.

During the car detailing process, us detailing experts will take a lot of care to both enhance as well as protect your car’s paint. Protecting your car’s paint is essential as it prevents UV damage as well as prevents contaminants from sticking to the paint. Although waxing and polishing services are available at a car wash, they are usually incorrectly performed and with little care to detail.

Also, us car detailing professionals take the same care when it comes to interior detailing. We use various vacuum attachments and brushes to get into crevices as well as cracks. Hard surfaces, for example, leather, plastic, and vinyl are carefully cleaned and rejuvenated to restore lustre.

Since some interior surfaces might get damaged when the wrong cleaning techniques are applied, a lot of care should be taken. I have come across many touch screens which have been scratched by careless car wash workers, and these are extremely costly to replace.

Only water-based ultra violent protectors which should be applied on the hard surfaces to the interior, which have a natural shine. Some of the thick and oily products used at car washes can easily attract dust particles on the dashboard and even create a glare effect.

Auto care or detailing professionals are well trained, and we use trendy technology and techniques to ensure that they keep your entire vehicle clean. They effectively deal with wheel wells, power windows, air vents, carpets, and many more to provide a car service which is worth your money.

They will ensure that every surface of your car is thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust, shampooed to get rid of sticky dirt, conditioned, and even polished to restore its original appearance and look like new.

We know which brands of cleaning products can be safely and effectively used on different kinds of materials and components in your vehicle. We now precisely how to remove stubborn grime patches which might have stuck to your car’s engine block.

By choosing premium mobile car detailing services, you will be guaranteed of esteemed quality services which will not leave a dent in your budget. You will be assured that every penny is worth the service. Shire Car Detailing will provide you with long-lasting and satisfactory results; thus you won’t waste your time and money coming back for the service before the next appointment date.

Remember, when you have your vehicle detailed by professionals, you will notice the underlying difference. They will spend more time on the significant areas and also take greater care not to cause any damage.

The most significant advantage is that you will get is that, for many years, your car will appear like it is new. Sure, when compared to a car wash, car detailing is slightly more expensive; however, its value is many times greater.


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If you live in any of the below suburbs and require mobile car detailing then you can rest assured that we will take care of your needs. If your suburb is not on the list below, contact us for more information.

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney Suburbs

Alfords Point
Barden Ridge
Bonnet Bay
Caringbah South
Dolans Bay
Grays Point
Greenhills Beach
Gymea Bay
Kangaroo Point
Lilli Pilli
Lucas Heights
Oyster Bay
Port Hacking
Sandy Point
Sylvania Waters
Taren Point
Woronora Heights
Yowie Bay

St George Area

Bardwell Park
Bardwell Valley
Bexley North
Beverley Park
Beverly Hills
Carss Park
Connells Point
Hurstville Grove
Kogarah Bay
Kyle Bay
Peakhurst Heights
Ramsgate Beach
Sans Souci
South Hurstville
Sydney Airport
Wolli Creek