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Paint Protection.

Ceramic Coating – Nano Technology.

Paint Protection

We use the latest in ceramic nano technology to protect your vehicle.

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ceramic coating nano technology

Your vehicle, The way it should have come from the dealer.

Our Paint Protection package is for people who want the highest level of protection and to spend the least amount of time on ongoing maintenance.

Pre-Wash Chemical Decontamintion
Exterior Hand Wash
Mechanical Decontamination
Single Stage Paint Correction
Application of Ceramic Coating
Hydrophobic Coating applied to all external glass

Vehicle Paint Protection

Second to buying a house, your vehicle is most likely one of the most expensive investments you will make. Ceramic coatings by FEYNLAB provide a much greater paint protection than a conventional car wax or paint sealant. Quality car wax or paint sealant wears off after a few months, spray waxes and sealants a few weeks. FEYNLAB Ceramic paint protection coating forms a much harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree and they do so for many years. Ceramic Paint coatings are resistant to chemical etching, bird droppings, bug etching and oxidation.

So, who is FEYNLAB?

FEYNLAB Paint Protection Ceramic Nano Technology are the original inventors of Ceramic coating for automotive paint protection. The ceramic line of coatings are by far the most durable coating on the market.

What is  FEYNLAB Nano Technology Ceramic Coating?

FEYNLAB Self Healing Paint Protection technology was developed in order to eliminate micro swirls and fine scratches which are inevitable given enough time, even the strongest or hardest coating on the market. The inevitability of these fine scratches, even when the utmost precaution is taken, is really why this product was developed. The coating will heal itself instantly if heated to above 60 degrees Celsius, removing all fine scratches and micro swirls. At room temperature scratches will heal over a number of days.

Where can I get FEYNLAB Ceramic Paint Protection Coating applied to my vehicle?

Right here of course! Shire Car Detailing use FEYNLAB coatings to protect vehicles and to maintain your investment.

We are your local expert in self-healing auto coatings. FEYNLAB  coatings have super hydrophobic properties which result in a cleaner vehicle, with unmatched shine and permanent gloss. Proper auto coatings eliminate the need for all waxing and polishing, protecting your vehicle during its lifespan resulting in higher resale value.

Minor scratches and micro marring can reduce the value of your vehicle. We are continuously searching for the latest, highest quality and longest lasting coatings in the industry. We offer coatings in many price ranges to cater for all of our customers needs.  We can coat anything on your vehicle from the paint to the wheels, interior and glass providing a total protection system.


Customers love Shire Car Detailing

  • Wow, it will be much easier to sell now. Thanks for all the effort and attention to detail!
    — Julie G. – Cronulla
  • Looks fantastic, I didn't realise how much time and effort was involved in detailing
    — Corrine – Gymea Bay
  • On time. And perfect job. Even got out a swirl the last guy couldn’t get. Black is a hard colour. Will definitely use again.
    — Brad K. – Brighton Le Sands
  • The car looks better than it did off the showroom, highly recommended!
    — Hasin H. – Arncliffe
  • "OMG! It looks like new... thank you so much"
    — Kathy M. -Bangor
  • ”Marc knows how to make things shine! I’d expect no less from him - SCD has become my ‘go-to’ detailer for car club drives.“
    — Rad B. -Strathfield
  • “Managing my business and spending time with family leaves me with no time to keep my car looking good. I use Shire Car Detailing for monthly maintenance cleans and for removal of the odd stain or two...”
    — Mark G. -Taren Point
  • “SCD managed to make my carpet & floor mats look like new every time - despite all of the crap that comes off my work boots...thanks!”
    — Nelson A. -Cronulla

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings: The Latest in Nano Technology

Aesthetic appeal is a key factor considered when purchasing a vehicle. Although performance also comes into play when selecting a car, visually, it is expected to attract adulation from everyone who sees it. This is often the case during the first few months but eventually, environmental conditions, and owner disregard in some cases, result in the paint losing its original luster. Waxing has been touted as a means through which may vehicles can obtain effective paint protection but the emergence of ceramic coating has revolutionized modern day car detailing and automobile aesthetics.

Ceramic coating is essentially a liquid polymer that is physically applied to the exterior of your car to ensure it is not subjected to wear and tear during everyday use. Unlike regular wax, this coatings bonds either permanently or semi-permanently to the vehicle’s paint thereby guaranteeing constant protection. Since the coating is resistant to common environmental hazards such as water and solar radiation, it prevents the car from losing its low’. Oxidation, a common occurrence in modern day vehicle paints, is also eliminated by the application of proper ceramic coating. Additionally, ceramic coating guards vehicles from chemical etching by enabling any stains to be easily scraped off with minimal effort.

Advancements in Nano technology have been applied in ceramic coating to ensure an effective bond between the applied coat and the vehicle’s paint. The aforementioned bond consists of both chemical and physical aspects and must be perfected in order to ensure the coating works optimally. If Nano technology was scoffed at in the development of ceramic coating, its effects would wear off just like wax thereby requiring numerous touch ups over time for proper paint protection. However, with the advancements in the field of Nano technology, ceramic coats are expected to require only a single application after which a vehicle will be permanently protected and maintain the glow that attracted its owner to it in the first place.

All in all, vehicle owners should strive to get their vehicles properly detailed to ensure longevity. Whereas waxing may be a quick, relatively cheap alternative, proper ceramic coating will guarantee your vehicle never loses its shine.

What You Need To Know About Paint Correction

Over time, all vehicles tend to lose the wow factor associated with showroom models. This is majorly attributed to imperfections on the body that negate the clear sparkle of the car’s paint. Things such as swirl marks, fine scratches or even bird droppings, accumulate over time making the vehicle visually unappealing. On occasion, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS) may emerge further lowering the quality of a vehicle’s paint job. In order to rectify this, paint correction is undertaken whereby all the aforementioned imperfections are buffed out in a bid to rejuvenate the vehicle’s paintwork.

Prior to undertaking paint correction, a vehicle has to be thoroughly washed and decontaminated so as to eliminate any hindrances to the corrective procedure. Loose dirt and debris may work against the specialized polishing machine as it attempts to clear up the car’s paintwork. Also, the resultant smooth surface after a wash makes it easier for the polishing machine to navigate the vehicle’s body. A specialized clay bar is also used before the correction commences to remove any bonded contaminants such as oil or tar spots.

The actual polishing process occurs in numerous stages and requires a paint depth gauge to ascertain how thick the vehicle’s coating is. First, the vehicle is polished using heavier cutting compounds to remove any surface imperfections after which finer products are used to eliminate any damages caused during the first polish as well as refining the finish. Throughout the processes mentioned above, the paint depth gauge is kept on hand to ensure the vehicle’s coating is not polished too thin thereby causing undesirable damage. Halogen and LED lamps may be used as well to check how efficiently the polishing has removed the scratches and imperfections from the vehicle’s body.

On occasion, certain scratches may be too deep to be successfully removed during paint correction. If these imperfections were to be removed, the vehicle’s paintwork may be irreparable damaged thereby defeating the purpose of the correction in the first place. In such cases, the scratches are repaired to the best of the polishing machine’s ability while ensuring the paint depth gauge’s reading is favorable.

As a final step, isopropyl alcohol is used to wipe down the vehicle to reveal its true glean while also monitoring for any missed scratches or imperfections.

In a nutshell, paint correction is an ideal procedure for vehicle owners whose vehicles have lost their original glean. Although ceramic coating may be used to avoid paint degradation, in the event it does occur, corrective measures have to be taken to rectify it because in actuality, who wouldn’t want their car shining as if it were new?

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