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Post Purchase Detail Package from $395

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Why you would want a post-purchase detail…

So you finally found that used car you’ve been dreaming about. The body looks good, no respray & no rust. You’ve seen the service history and had it inspected by a mechanic anyway – just to be sure. What about the things you can’t see? There are lots of tricks that people can employ to hide defects on a car when selling it and even with the best of intentions people can and do mislead others. How many times have you read a car advert where the owners says “constantly had food spilled in the interior” or “used to transport 4 dogs on a daily basis” or “smoked in for the past 10 years”…
exterior detail

With a post-purchase detail, the first thing we do is strip away any of the masking agents that were applied before posting the car for sale. This could include Vaseline on the body or a glaze that hides swirls. The next step is to get it looking as good as it possibly could. Finally, we protect the paintwork and restore any faded trims.

Soak the car in a dense foam with wax and grease stripping properties
High pressure rinse
Pre-wash decontamination to loosen any fallout, tree sap or bird droppings
Iron Fallout decontamination
Mechanical decontamination using clay bar if required
3 bucket hand wash and air dry
Wheels and wheel arches cleaned to remove any fallout or masking agents
Matte or Gloss gel coating applied to tyres
Door jams cleaned and dried
External glass cleaned and hydrophobic coating applied on all glass and side mirrors
Trim cleaned and black/shine restored
Paint sealant applied to protect the paint finish
Premium Hard Wax applied to further protect paintwork and restore a deep gloss
Paste Wax applied to wheels to repel brake dust

interior detail

With the exterior detail complete it’s time to move on to the interior. We start with a thorough steam clean of all seats and surfaces in the cabin to aid in the removal of stains and to aid in the neutralizing of persistent odors. Protein enzyme and antibacterial cleaners will provide peace of mind to those with small children.

Removal of all surface coatings that were applied prior to sale
Intense Steam cleaning & Sanitizing of all seats and surfaces to kill any germs
Vacuuming & shampooing of carpets & floor mats
Cleaning & Conditioning of leather Seats
Cleaning of cloth or leather trim
Protective Coating of dash and surfaces
Streak-free cleaning of windows
Cleaning & Shampooing of boot area

engine bay detail
Engine Bay

Pre-wash decontamination
Heavy Degrease
High pressure wash
Mechanical decontamination
Combo Towel & Air Dry
All plastic & rubber trim coated to rejuvenate appearance

With the right tools and experience...

Nicotine stains and odors are the most common complaint when people buy used cars. In the image below you can see how effective a thorough steam cleaning and shampooing process can be.

nicotine stains removal

Prices are indicative for small cars (hatch & small sedan) only. Please call for a quote on a larger / different vehicle. Surcharge may apply for extreme soiling or for removal of pet hair, mud, sand or bodily fluids.


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What our customers say

  • Wow, it will be much easier to sell now. Thanks for all the effort and attention to detail!
    — Julie G. – Cronulla
  • Looks fantastic, I didn't realise how much time and effort was involved in detailing
    — Corrine – Gymea Bay
  • On time. And perfect job. Even got out a swirl the last guy couldn’t get. Black is a hard colour. Will definitely use again.
    — Brad K. – Brighton Le Sands
  • The car looks better than it did off the showroom, highly recommended!
    — Hasin H. – Arncliffe
  • "OMG! It looks like new... thank you so much"
    — Kathy M. -Bangor

Proven Techniques

Shire Car Detailing uses proven techniques for all of our detailing, deep-cleaning, correction and protection processes to ensure we consistently achieve optimal results.

Product & Equipment

No corners are cut when we select the products and equipment that we use every day. We carefully test and choose our products based on intended outcome not based on price.

Exceptional Results

Exceptional results are achieved when proven technique is combined with the highest quality products and equipment. Shire Car Detailing will make your car look its best.


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